Patrik Schumacher

director at AA Design Research Lab

Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects

Patrik Schumacher is in a blessed position within the world of architecture that not many architects can ever imagine to be. He stands right in between the academia and the architectural practice both almost equally. Being the principle for one of the most popular architecture practices in the world, he is able to lead his architectural research and test them in his buildings together with Zaha Hadid's partnership.

Zaha Hadid has a personal way of approaching architecture which makes it even more interesting while Patrik talks about their work almost as a result of scientific research. At the same time, Hadid's office has been developing into a corporate scale in the last decade. Within that growth, for Reading Office, we would like to understand how they keep a balance between the artistic approach that can not be argued and discussed within a team easily while being a practice promising a high quality architectural product that could finance a corporate office structure requiring business knowledge.

Clearly Zaha Hadid's practice is pushing the limits in construction industry while trying to hold onto a theoretical discipline.