Reading Office is a group of architects, academics trying to read the most significant and interesting moments in the world of architecture mostly focussing on the last century.

There has been a mind blowing speed in comparison to the amount of production expected from the designers beginning the 2000's. The ones able to adapt to this pace survived. There is a world of ideas, theory and body of work that made especially the 40's born architects very interesting. Those designers had their roots and influenced another generation who became the pioneers of the profession today.

So many blogs, so many portals.. So many cool photos, so many cool animations, renderings.. The speed of the consumption for the architectural production can be measured within seconds. This is something us designers, architects need to adapt to. However, we can still try to open up a slow-paced area for thinking that can fund itself by its products - magazine, book, television and radio on the side that will remind us there was a dept once to this profession. We want to find, remind you and ourselves the relevant, strong and still valid ideas that were almost forgotten - left at the darkness of the bookshelves.

We understand the demand and we respect the way things have to run make a living out of architecture and design but we also believe the quality of the production we are doing can be improved. To broaden our vision, to widen our audience and break the boundaries of the "architecture world", we need to look at other social fields, design professionals and even unrelated looking products, systems, events and people. Reading Office with its books, magazine, television, radio and hopefully physical locations around the world one day will be the organisation we have formed to spend time and energy to do this in an honest way possible.

Check the latest entries we have at Reading Office, enjoy!